Making Best Use of Holiday Sri Lanka

If you are planning to spend your next holiday outside your home country consider Sri Lanka. The lovely country is endowed with spectacular natural beauty that will leave any tourist deeply satisfied. Every single day here is pure fun if you are holidaying. 
If you have come in by flight, you will most possibly alight at one of the international Airports in the Capital Colombo. The first thing that will amaze you when you land here is the friendliness of the attendants, taxi drivers, airport staff and the general public. The warm reception is a true indication of what will be a norm for the rest of your stay in Sri Lanka.
The city of Colombo itself has a plethora of fun activities that will keep you busy during your entire holidays Sri Lanka. There are many things you can buy. Whether you are looking for clothes or are a geek like me looking for the best 3d pen for children, you will find something in the city. On your way from the airport, you will enjoy breathtaking beauty of the g…

Your Guided Trip to Sri Lanka

Holidays Sri Lanka is an experience like no other. The little island has and still is the most frequented tourist destination for hundreds of years. Visitors who have had a chance to set foot in the island have found themselves naturally compelled to return there again and again.

Leave your projector at home because there will be so much for you to do during the day to keep you occupied.

The island’s beauty has its own magical pull that will make you want to spend as much time as possible there. Fun seeking visitors who frequent Sri Lanka have openly confessed that they have found a new home. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, great weather and a very warm population, the Island is the obvious choice if you want the best holiday ever.
Areas of interests include beautiful beaches, ancient villages, historic museums, waterfalls and many more. The Singharaja forest is also major attraction that you shouldn’t miss to visit on your holiday Sri Lanka. Lovely beaches dot the entire coastl…

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

The lovely island of Sri Lanka is without question the loveliest tour spot in the world. I traveled to Sri Lanka from UAE, where I'd booked a cheap flight from Nairobi to Dubai.

Of all the popular tour destinations in the world, none can match the beauty this island located in the Indian Ocean. The attractive country which is a former British colony still has many marks of the British occupation to this day. 
A government that has respect for tourism as a key income generator and unrivaled natural scenes are some of the factors that have propelled the tiny country to the furthest heights in tourism. All the major world airlines have scheduled flights to the country. Those who live in nearer countries like India can get to it by sea, road or rail. If you are going for your holidays Sri Lanka, you need to research a little on what to expect. It is not very hard to get a travel agency in any major city that has adequate information on the Sri Lankan tourism.
If your passion is seasi…

Touring the Magical Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka holidays offer the golden chance to experience first hand the exhilarating beauty of the island that you read in books. The beautiful country is actually an island that is located right inside the Indian Ocean. 
The tear drop shaped country is blessed with astonishing natural beauty the reason why it is the most preferred holiday spot by millions of tourists from all over the universe. Apart from the undisturbed natural scenes the country also boasts of a rich cultural heritage, historical temples and mosques, world class beaches and a gamut of made beauty spots.
Located near the tropics, the small nation enjoys relatively pleasant climate most of the year. Most of the months are warm and sunny. The wet months are not the best to visit the country as you may not have a good chance of travelling around freely. If you like mountain climbing or riding up the hills with your packing cubes, you need to be aware that the uplands of Sri Lanka are a bit cold. Sometimes temperatures…

Staying Busy on Holidays Sri Lanka

If you want to experience the holiday of your life, Sri Lanka is the most ideal destination. Although the 20 million population island is known widely for dazzling beaches, this is not the only reason that makes it the most preferred tour location. It is endowed with unmatched bio diversity and thousands of other attractions that will make your holidays a memorable experience. 
Ages old temples, ruins, traditional kingdoms, natural rain forests, coral reefs and massive rocks are just some of the spectacular attractions that tourists enjoy during holidays Sri Lanka.
Kandy, also called the cultural city of Sri Lanka is one fabulous place that you must pay a visit. Located about 100 KM from the capital Colombo, the town is a massive tour location attracting thousands of visitors each year for their holidays Sri Lanka. The city is sandwiched between hills and is probably the most fascinating city in the world. It is surrounded by a lake that is bordered by raised walls all around it. On …